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How We Help

  • Strategy and thought partnership

  • Interim management

  • Messaging and positioning

  • Go-to-market plans

  • Product management training and mentoring

  • Product roadmaps and requirements

  • Development team management

  • Pricing and bundling

  • ROI tools

  • Process creation

  • Journey mapping

  • Product P&L management



It would have taken me six months to get to where I started if not for the work Fortune’s Path did.
— Vice President of Product, Legal Services and Data Analytics Company

Fortune’s Path came to a private equity-backed legal services and data analytics company when the company had no marketing or product management. The former marketing leader had resigned unexpectedly, and product management hadn’t been effective. Sales for the new SaaS offering were slow, and the organization lacked a strategic direction to help articulate its value. 

Fortune’s Path worked with the board and leadership team to create a tactical plan to improve sales for both the new SaaS product and a legacy technology-enabled service that represented 100% of the company’s revenue.  

Fortune’s Path created a buyer’s journey that identified the key personas in the buying process, what those personas cared about, and how the company’s products addressed their needs. The buyer’s journey became the foundation for new collateral and sales tools created by Fortune’s Path that premiered new messaging customized to verticals where the company already had experienced success. 

Fortune’s Path initiated account-based marketing activities and tested market messaging. It also conducted a comprehensive competitive review of the crowded e-billing and matter management space where the new SaaS product resides. From that research came a new product roadmap that prioritized low-cost, fast to implement enhancements that create real value for customers.

When the company placed new VP’s in marketing and product management, Fortune’s Path worked with both leaders to assist with their on-boarding and provide strategic advice and counsel. 

The third quarter of 2018 was the company’s best sales quarter ever, and it has the team, the messaging, and the strategy to grow even faster in 2019.



It’s not our first rodeo. You get the benefit of our experience.


Right start

Don’t drop the baby

Right Start helps you avoid costly rework and waste by answering vital questions up front when it’s most efficient.


Product rescue

We’ll get you out of the woods

Whether your product has run aground or is going sideways, Product Rescue is the steady hand you need to get you out of the storm.



Brick by brick, we’ll get you where you need to go

Roadmap starts with an assessment of the problem you’re solving and ends with a plan for software people will love that fits your budget.


Thought partner

Everybody needs a collaborator

Leadership is lonely. You need someone who listens and helps you find your way.


Go to Market

You’ll be a blur to the competition

Go To Market defines your ideal buyers, their pressure points, and the journey you need to take them on to create urgency in your market.


Grow your own

Time to plant some seeds

It’s hard to find good product managers. Grow Your Own is a 90-day curriculum that turns your promising talent into top flight product managers.